Apps and Plugins

The following apps and plugins showcase examples of how I’ve helped business owners increase their profits with easy-to-use, robust software.

Good Curling

Good Curling is a WordPress plugin that manages teams, games, and players for curling leagues.


Screenshot of Good Curling member UI

The plugin consists of 6 completely unique and hand-crafted admin interfaces, as well as the underlying server-side logic, for scheduling games, managing players, and managing teams.


PinPoint is a mobile mapping Software-as-a-Service that I’ve developed to help mobile veterinary companies determine appointment pricing based on a customer’s location.

Map regions shown with address lookup.
Final user interface

I’ve written about PinPoint and how it works extensively in a blog post.

Libertad Travel

Libertad Travel is another custom WordPress plugin I’ve designed and developed with input from the company owner. The plugin is a WooCommerce extension that manages routes, travelers, and ticket sales for bus tours in Mexico.

Trip_Planner_-_Libertad_Travel I’ve written about this project at length in a blog post.

CF WOD Posts

My first foray into WordPress plugin development, I released CF WOD Posts on the plugin repository so that CrossFit gym owners could have an easy way to post their daily workouts on their sites.


It’s been well-received by users for its ease-of-use and the fact that it’s 100% free and open source (and always will be).

Although I haven’t updated in a while, I hope to do so soon. The plugin has worked for a couple of years with very little maintenance or upkeep required because I built it “the WordPress way” to make sure it could maintain backwards compatibility and serve the community for as long as possible.

Custom Themes

I’ve built a few custom WordPress themes as well. For these, I’ll start with a base theme that is close to what I want the end result to look like, and then I’ll write the necessary page templates, PHP code, and CSS to transform them into something completely unique for a client.


The web development I did for Jumpshot was a large project consisting of over 28 different pages, custom content types, and heavy front-end CSS development.




This very site is built on a heavily-customized Genesis theme. I’ve taken the base theme from StudioPress and optimized it for performance, added custom web fonts and colors, and designed it for legibility and focus.


Site builds

I’ve done few dozen marketing website builds for clients.

For most of these, I will use a base theme and help my clients organize and display their own content within the theme. My clients tend to like this approach because it requires the least amount of time and cost to complete their projects.

Clicking or tapping on an image will show a larger screenshot, a link to the live site, and/or a testimonial from the owner of the site.


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