Unlimited Site Updates

Update your Site, Even if You Don’t Know How to Code

10/1/2015 Update: the $99 price has expired, but you can still snag this deal! Read on for more details.

Your website is the first interaction that many of your potential customers will have with your business.

Imagine walking into a business for the first time and seeing a dusty, neglected, sad little place that (seemingly) hasn’t been cared for.

Pretty lame, right?

Now contrast this with walking into a business where things are clean, organized, and fresh.

You probably had the latter vision for your website when you set out building it. Your site was supposed to be a place that showcased your products and services, not something that caused you anxiety and a bit of embarassment.

There’s Just Not Enough Time in the Day

As a busy business owner, you have a million things to do. Marketing, advertising, financials, hiring, payroll, and don’t forget daily operations.

Most days it’s hard enough to get these basics done. Let alone working on a longer term strategy, improving your products, or (lol) taking a day off.

Given all of these daily responsibilities, who has time to make content updates to a website?

Let Me Take This On for You

I’ve got this. Now is the time to take care of the to-do list you have for your site: let me take it off of your plate.

Why hire Antym?

Easy. You deserve to be able to focus on the core functions of your business. Let me handle your tech for you.

Since opening, my company has helped more than 30 different businesses design, build, and maintain sites of all kinds. From your most basic WordPress marketing website to your most complex software application, I’ve become proficient at managing these sites and have an eye for what works (and what doesn’t).

My clients are awesome

I have a solid track record of making clients happy; here’s what my most recent client said in a written testimonial.

Antym Web Development created an amazing mapping software system for my company Home to Heaven, P.C.. Matt, our designer, listened closely to our needs and put forth the perfect system for us. Now my team can price our mobile services with confidence. We look forward to future projects with them. Thank you Matt and Antym. Job well done!

– Dr. K. Cooney, Loveland, Colorado

Here’s what you’ll get

$145 buys you unlimited site updates for the entire month of October.

Here is a quick rundown of the types of things included with your purchase.

  • SEO review and recommendations
  • Speed test and recommendations
  • Optimizing and uploading new media
  • Updating themes and plugins
  • Updating WordPress
  • Site Backups…because you never know what can happen!
  • Modern typography (font) consultation and installation
  • Mobile-friendly testing and recommendation
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Design critique and small fixes
  • Minor copy updates including call-to-action improvements
  • Tiny styling tweaks (CSS)
  • …and more. Seriously, just ask!

Only 4 spots remaining, then the offer is gone

To keep the quality of the service as high as possible, I’ll end the sale when I’ve sold 10 of these packages.

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